Useful Tips For Marking Your Domestic Tennis Court

If you have a tennis court in your home or are planning to install one, you need to mark the area to create a professional sports ground for recreational use. While it may seem simple and easy to the untrained eye, line marking involves more than just applying paint on the court's surface. There is a lot that goes into creating neat and visible lines, and as a homeowner, it is essential to give your domestic court a professional look. Here are some tips that will help you create a visually appealing and safe tennis court.

Choose the right paint color

Line marking paint and coating are available in various colors, including white, yellow, red, blue, and green. The right color for your tennis court will be determined by the color of the surface that is being marked. Ideally, you should use a different and contrasting color than what is used on the court's flooring so that the lines can be easily visible for accurate scores. So, for instance, if you have synthetic grass on your court, you can go for white line markings as opposed to blue or green which won't be clearly visible on the green grass. If you are not sure of the color selection, you can test out a small patch before marking the entire area.

Go for slip resistant coatings

Depending on the type of flooring you have chosen for your tennis court, slip and fall accidents can be a primary concern. Unless your court has a natural grass or synthetic turf flooring, you will need to find a way to reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents. Applying an anti-slip and anti-skid coating together with the line marking paint can help minimize accidents during sports. It improves surface grip, slip-resistance, and traction for improved safety during tennis games. The coating also helps prolong the lifespan of the flooring material and enhances the appearance of the court.

Prep the surface adequately

The secret to achieving durable line markings is preparing the surface before application. Surface cleaning gets rid of dirt and debris, allowing the line marking paint to adhere properly to the surface. If you have natural grass or synthetic turf, you should clean it using a garden hose. A tarmac, asphalt or macadam surface will need a garden hose or pressure washer with detergent.

Before installing line markings for tennis, make sure that you have the right dimensions for a tennis court. If you don't have the experience in marking lines correctly, it is wise to seek the services of a professional line marking contractor.