Tips for Newbie Gun Owners on Storing Their Ammunition

When you purchase a firearm from a gun shop for the first time, one of the primary safety precautions that you are informed of is ensuring that your weapon is stored safely. This measure is imperative to ensure that you are not putting people in unnecessary danger. Moreover, it also works to keep your gun in excellent condition. However, safekeeping is not just for the weapon itself. As long as you have bought ammunition for your firearm, you should also be aware of the best practices to keep the ammo safe too. Overlooking the safeguarding of your ammunition will be a complete waste of money due to the increased risk of the degradation of the ammo. Not to mention the possibility of damaging your gun. This article lists a couple of tips that newbie gun owners can employ when it comes to storing their ammunition.

Protect the ammunition from humidity

Some parts of Australia can be excessively humid on a regular basis, mainly if you reside in a coastal location. And if you do not protect your ammunition from this humidity, you will find that it will deteriorate in a short time. The moisture in the atmosphere starts by oxidising the casings on the ammunition. Once this happens, it is only a matter of time before the bullets succumb to corrosion and will be useless to you. So how can you avoid this?

The first thing you can do is consider investing in a gun safe with an airtight seal. Alternatively, if you have a tremendous amount of ammo that will be stored in one room, you should deliberate on investing in a dehumidifier to keep the air moisture-free. You could also consider inserting desiccant packets in any cans that you will be storing your ammo in.

Label the ammunition by date and rotate frequently

Another tip to ensuring that you prolong the lifespan of your ammunition when it is in storage is by labelling each container with the exact date that you bought the ammo. Once you have all your vessels dated, you should arrange the ammunition in a formation that allows you to use the oldest ones first while the newest ones can stay in storage. This trick is typically used by grocery stores and is known as stock rotation.

The main aim of labelling and rotating your ammunition is to make sure that it does not expire before you make use of it. When marking your ammunition containers, take note to indicate the calibre of the individual ammunition you are storing. Be sure never to store different calibres in one container for efficient locating of your ammo.